Theodore L. Swagmire III
Theodore L. Swagmire lll was in Nikki's band "Actually, I'm Not Really Sure Yet ", as the lead guitarist. He seems to always have a weird look on his face. He was in SuperFreaks at first and formed a band for the contest and the dance, but Mackenzie brainwashed the rest of the SuperFreaks into telling them that the cheerleaders had crushes on them. Only Theodore and Marcus were left, so they teamed up with Dorkalicious/Actually, I'm Not Really Sure Yet. He also signed up as Chairperson for the Halloween dance, but Mackenzie unfortunately got that role. It is said on the second book that he has a crush on Mackenzie, But she rejects him. His family owns the Chessy Queasy's of the state. He, along with Nikki, Chloe, Zoey, Violet and Brandon, helps at the halloween party.He Dreams to attend Hogwarts, which cannot be true, because Hogwarts is a fictional school. Nikki says he can pass as SpongeBob's twin brother, due to his buck teeth and fairly large nose.

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