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MacKenzie Hollister (picture from book 3)
MacKenzie Hollisters Appearance
Mackenzie Hollister.Just your average snobby mean girl,Mackenzie Hollister is a current 8th grade student who is very popular upon her fellow students.Jessica Hunter is her best friend and they have much in common.For example they are both rich,mean,snobby and have this passion for fashion.Mackenzie also HATES Nikki Maxwell for many reasons and they are mortal enemies.The first time Nikki Maxwell ever met Mackenzie was in the first book when she was getting "Trampled alive" in the hallways.The students parted and there Mackenzie."Thats when i first saw Mackenzie strutting down the hallway like it was the runway of a paris fashion show or something."Claims Nikki Maxwell.



Mackenzie Hollister has icy blue eyes with long lucious blond hair (It seems that way but she has many hair extensions).She always wears designer fashion and would probably never be seen in normal clothing.She wears jewlery and dresses most of the time but she can be seen in a designer shirt or designer pants or skirt occasionaly. She is also a lipgloss snob and is seen putting on many layers of different lipgloss ALOT.She has long eyelashes but it might be that she is wearing fake eyelashes but nobody notices.



Mackenzie Hollister is very snobby and "Perfect".She enjoys the sadness or pain of Nikki Maxwell and will do anything in her might to make her feel bad or sad.She is also ruler of the CCP Clique (Cute,Cool,Popular).The CCP Clique worships Mackenzie as their leader and as any other mean girl Mackenzie enjoys it ALOT.Mackenzie is also the first and probably last person to know about Nikki Maxwells Bug extermination scholarship/contract on the count of when she saw Nikki's name plastered across her fathers van and has never spilled it (just yet).Mackenzie has this big passion for fashion and her BFF is Jessica Hunter who assists her in trying to ruin Nikki Maxwell's life.  
Mackenzie Holliste
Mackenzie gossiping about Nikki Maxwell to Jessica
Mackenzie evil eye'ing Nikki
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